Potash Hill Board & Task Force

Potash Hill, Inc., is a subsidiary organization of the Marlboro School of Music, Inc. Both Marlboro Music and Potash Hill are non-profit organizations incorporated in the state of Vermont. The mission of Potash Hill, Inc. is to oversee and protect the Potash Hill campus located in the foothills of rural southeastern Vermont. The Boards of Marlboro Music and Potash Hill formed a 15-member, all-volunteer task force—consisting of experienced Marlboro musicians, trustees, and staff members—to assist them in their strategic planning process to determine productive uses for the campus. For more information on Marlboro Music, visit marlboromusic.org.

Potash Hill Board of Directors

Anthony Berner, President
Philip Maneval, Treasurer
Patricia Manley, Secretary (non-voting)
Miles Cohen
Ellen McCulloch-Lovell
Christopher Serkin

Potash Hill Task Force

Anthony Berner
Jonathan Biss
Carol Christ
Miles Cohen
Ara Guzelimian
Hsin-Yun Huang
Robert W. Jones
Joseph Lin
Ellen McCulloch-Lovell
Philip Maneval
Anthony McGill
Luisa Saffioti
Christopher Serkin
Jacob Smith
Anne-Marie Soullière