A Woodland Paradise

Some 17 miles of on-campus trails wind throughout our wooded Vermont hilltop. The Potash Hill trail system connects to the Marlboro town trails and is open and available for neighbors to hike during the non-winter months. During the winter, the Marlboro Nordic Ski Club operates on campus, at which time access is membership based (see below for more information). We ask that you please clean up after yourselves, be respectful of the ecology and wildlife, and contact us with any problems or concerns you may see. Sorry, but overnight camping is not permitted at any time, and hiking near the campus is not permitted while the Marlboro Music program is in session. Enlarge the map below for an overview of the on-campus trail system.

Marlboro Nordic Ski Club

Based on the Potash Hill campus, the Marlboro Nordic Ski Club promotes lifelong participation in the sport of cross country skiing. Throughout the winter, the Club grooms and maintains the extensive trail system, with community access and organized programming available on a membership basis.

Established in 2020, the Marlboro Nordic Ski Club is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization and a member club of the New England Nordic Ski Association. Membership in the Marlboro Nordic Ski Club is available to all residents of the Town of Marlboro, Vermont, as well as residents of the greater southeastern Vermont community. Membership fees have been structured to keep the sport accessible to all, while providing sufficient revenue to meet expenses related to administrative and maintenance activities. All are welcome and encouraged to be part of this healthy winter activity. The club’s mission is to provide access to ski programs to athletes of all ages without regard to income or access to equipment.

Learn more about the Marlboro Nordic Ski Club through the link below and this recent feature from the Keene Sentinel.

Help Us Preserve Potash Hill

We rely on the generosity of friends like you to help us conserve the land and maintain the campus that we all love. Thank you for your support!