American Harp Institute – Potash Hill American Harp Institute – Potash Hill

American Harp Institute

The American Harp Institute (AHI) offers harpists an intensive training experience with Yolanda Kondonassis, one of the world’s premier harpists. During its 2024 Summer Session—taking place on Potash Hill from May 31 through June 9, 2024—participants receive private lessons with Kondonassis, as well as topic seminars and masterclasses. Social events, special activities, and meals with fellow harpists are also part of the experience.

The atmosphere of AHI’s summer session is that of a retreat – for study, practice, classes, reflection, bonding, and inspiration. Seminar topics include: Practice Techniques, Performance Strategies, Audition Preparation, Body Care, Preventing Injury, Harp Technique, Musical Development, and more. The age range for students is 14 to 24.

The American Harp Institute was founded by Yolanda Kondonassis as a gathering place for harp study and resources, as well as programs, private lesson opportunities, and educational events. With a strong philosophy of clear musical and technical guidance, AHI’s goal is to provide high quality, accessible study for harpists seeking to develop and refine their skills at the harp.

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