College-Age Students to Return to Potash Hill

February 1, 2024

We’re thrilled to welcome college students to campus again in September 2024 when the Contemplative Semester launches on Potash Hill.

You can learn more about this new program that prepares young people to “step into a powerful life of love and leadership” in this week’s issue of The Commons. Annie Landenberger’s article features insights from Contemplative Semester Coordinator Shea Riester on the goals and origins of the program, its plans for accreditation, and how it has found a home on Potash Hill.

“Potash Hill has diligently worked to see that its grounds and buildings continue to be used by various groups for events, workshops, classes, retreats, and creative programming,” writes Landenberger. Added Riester: “Potash Hill has been generous and kind about how to accommodate us so we can make this work at the price point we can do it at.”

The Contemplative Semester is a transformative educational experience for young adults ages 18 – 25 that targets the primary drivers of their crisis of wellbeing. Rooted in Buddhist philosophy and practice, the program’s 14-week curriculum explores the 8 Fold Noble Path as a framing and includes four weeks of silent retreat along with daily silent meditation practice. Other core topics include nature awareness, ethical leadership, creative expression, and collaborative community building.

For more details on the Contemplative Semester, including program, faculty, and application information, visit